Twin Foals

Rare Twins born to Paint Mare in Minnesota

On April 15th 2011, Byron and Jean Lindaman, who have a farm near Ogilvie, Minnesota, were pleasantly surprised when live twins were born on their farm.  The twins were born to a paint mare they had purchased several years ago for their 11 year old granddaughter Talia Lindaman of Mora, Minnesota.

Twins are very rare in horses, and live twins are extremely rare.  According to Dr Reed Holyoak, staff theriogenologist at Oklahoma State University, the chances of an equine twin birth are one in ten thousand and of those, in over 80 % of the cases one or both is lost.

The Lindamans have been raising horses for almost forty years and have had about six sets born previously during that time and none have lived.  This year a strange phenomenon occurred.  Three of their thoroughbred mares had twins.  They lost all of the twins plus two of the mares due to foaling complications.  This live set makes four sets of twins in nine foalings this year.
Thoroughbred mares have the highest incidence of twinning of the horse breeds.  

Why are live twins so rare in horses?  According to the research, if two embryos are attached to the uterus wall, each will form a separate placenta on the uterus wall.  Because of the lack of space for the placenta, several things can happen.  The fetuses will die at an early stage and be aborted.  One fetus will form a larger placenta taking up a greater share of the uterus wall, thus depriving the other fetus of nourishment.  Many times one of the fetuses will die and possibly be absorbed or in rare cases can even become mummified.  Add to that the possibility of oxygen deprivation and bad positioning of the fetuses at birth, you have many different scenarios that can happen, most of them being bad.



Talia’s paint mare named “Coosa’s Angel” has had two other paint fillies from our thoroughbred stallion “Dynomania”.  Talia has stayed with the religious theme naming her first filly “Heaven Above” and the second filly “Wings of Grace”.  She has decided to call the twin paint filly “Holy Hannah” and the solid one “Faith”.


Talia and her mom, Karen, were surprised to discover that “Angel” had twins.  Karen shared with us they had been praying that “Angel” would not have twins because they rarely live.   Evidently God gave them even a better answer to their prayer.

Fall of 2011
These wonderful girls are still very healthy and strong and against the odds are still alive and thriving!!
Spring of 2012 
Summer 2014
Pictured below are 3 full siblings at a local game show. The 2 outside fillies are the twins, now 3 years old, and the middle gelding is their full brother Peter who is 2 years old. 


Visitors are welcome to visit and see them.
Twins first day outside, with a few rough moments. They both jumped back up and were ok.

YouTube Video of twins

Grandson and a Curious Hannah.

YouTube Video

The Paint Girls have a new full baby brother!! "Peter" is a new 2012 stud colt out of Dynomania and Coosa Angle the twins dad and mom.